Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this exist?

For my personal campaign we use Roll20 as our Virtual Table Top. It has a dice rolling tool which is great for mid-session combat and skill rolls, but for some rolls – like your HP increase on level up – I wanted something a bit less cluttered, that wouldn't just get lost amongst a million messages, and that provided both transparency and accountability to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Another use case is that we use forum posts to track the party's downtime activities betweem sessions. In an effort to reduce the amount of back-and-forth necessary I've been rolling the results of the PC's expressed choices on their behalf, and I use Dice Logger so they can see there is no funny-business behind the screen.

What kind of rolls can I make?

Dice Logger supports a number of different kinds of rolls. The base syntax is XdY - if you want to roll 3x D6 dice, you'd type 3d6. Here are a few other examples:


You can also perform simple arithmetic by adding/subtracting numbers from the result:


If you're rolling up a new character in Dungeons & Dragons™, you might find yourself needing to roll 4x D6 and keep the best 3 results. You can do that like so: